Processor for pc CPU

Which processor for pc CPU to choose?

What is the difference between Intel and AMD?

Processor for pc CPU  also called the CPU Central Processing Unit is the heart of the computer where the calculations are performed.
There are basically two processor manufacturers Intel and AMD

What are the best Intel processors?

The best intel processors are the Core iX or the Core i3, Core i5, Core i7. With the respective updated versions of the eighth and ninth generation. the performances are related to the number. These processors require an LGA 1151 socket.
Second category of intel processors are the X cores. They are all i9 multicore processors. They represent the top range of intel processors. They reach the 18 cores and 36 threads require an LGA 2066 socket.
Processor for pc CPU i9  intel core iX

Which AMD processors are the best?

The most modern and best AMD processors are of two types. So the second generation AMD Ryzen 3, 5 and 7 series. Representing the basic processors, they require an AM4 socket. Finally the TOP range Ryzen Threaddripper. They currently arrive at as many as 32 processors. Threaddrippers require a TR4 socket.
Ryzen Threaddripper

How many bits the processor for pc CPU is going?

The difference between a 32-bit processor and a 64-bit processor?

A 32-bit processor indicates a type of processor whose standard data format, also called variable, has a length of 32 bits,
a 64-bit processor will then be able to handle 64-bit standard length variables, modern processors are 64-bit, with a multi-core architecture.

Threads are a subdivision of an IT process into two or more strands or subprocesses. Generally modern processors split processes into two. We can therefore note that generally a 6 core processor has 12 threads. So each processor divides the process into two in order to increase the calculation effectiveness.

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