PlayStation 4 game consolle

What is the PlayStation 4?

PlayStation 4 game consolle is a consolle for video games, has a processor made in collaboration between Sony and AMD 8-core with a maximum frequency of 1.6 GHz, the video card is a AMD Radeon 1.84 Tera FLOPS, has a memory of 8GB Graphics Double Data Rate 5, and a 500GB hard drive.
the PlayStation 4

Where can I buy PlayStation 4 game consolle?

The games can be purchased physically in a store or downloaded in digital format or play online with PlayStation Now.
the games of playstation 4

How much memory does the PlayStation 4 have?

The PlayStation 4 has an 8GB GDDR5 memory.

How big is the hard drive of the PlayStation 4?

The PlayStation 4 has a 500GB hard drive.

Can I watch movies on the PlayStation 4?

The PlayStation 4 is a perfect media player you can watch movies and much more.

Can I use old games on the PlayStation 4?

The PS2 and PS3 video games are not recognized by the PlayStation 4 there is the possibility to play old games with PlayStation Now.