PC Hardware Components

PC Hardware Components in essence can be divided into the following categories. Processors also called CPUs are the central computing units. However, there are Intel and AMD processors. Motherboards are the basis for the various components. Video cards allow viewing of images. Both processors and video cards get very hot and need heatsinks. For processors we talk about TDP Termal Dissipatio Power.

PC Hardware Components cpu up side down    PC Hardware Components mother boarda Nvidia video cards

Nevertheless, the following components are part of the PC. RAM is naturally the computer’s memory. The hard disk where the programs are obviously installed. The power supplies that power the PC and its components.

hard disc for pcpower supply  for pc

Finally they are part of the PC hardware components. The Case that is the computer case and the modding components. The heatsinks that obviously serve to cool the components like CPUs and video cards. Finally for those who want powerful computers already assembled there are the Workstations.

a case for pcPC Hardware Components heat sink workstation

Of course, there are a whole series of PC components. Open me to a youtube channel where software problems are addressed. the youtube channel of aprimi. Obviously clicking on the images go to the page dedicated to the component. Of course, every page of the components has a series of links to product opportunities.