Blender 3D modeling program

Blender 3D modeling program excellent. However comparable to professional programs such as 3D Studio Max. It is also a GNU free program available for download at the official
With this powerful and flexible program you can quickly model in 3D. You can make photorealistic renderings, using realistic materials. Also turn your creations in animated elements. Making complete compositions and amazing animations. Moreover create 3D video games thanks to the included game engine. As well as using rooms and traceability of the same, and do video editing. As a result a very complete program to try and play!

A manual for studying blender is definitely an idea to consider

Blender 3D modeling program manual

So the basic 3D blender modeling screen. Blender starts with this screen. In practice there are nine setups. 3D view full 3D modeling. Animation course for animation. So the compositing for the composition. Obviously the main one as shown in the photo. Not least the video game game logic. Obviously the motion tracking to stabilize. Scripting to enter the code. As a result UV editing. And finally the screen for video editing.

Under the base of the screen three-dimensional modeling tool Blender.

Blender 3D modeling program

If we talk about three-dimensional modeling certainly Blender. On the contrary, if we talk about mechanical design, Autocad. Although it is a difficult program, there are tutorials on youtube. Obviously they are tutorials in English, but complete. In short, if you need a complete program, blender is for you.