BlackBerry Smartphone

How are BlackBerry smartphones?

First thing to remember, the BlackBerry smrtphones are great! Especially the new versions offer software protection by hakers and malicious. After all the latest models are the BlackBerry keyOne, and the DTEK 50/60.

Smartphone BlackBerry KEYOne

BlackBerry smartphone with integrated keyboard and large 4.5-inch screen. By all means a cross between a classic BlackBerry and a smarphone without keys. Equipped aluminum body and android 7.
balckberry keyone smartphone

BlackBerry DTEK 50 smartphone – DTEK 60

Are there any BlackBerry smartphones without keys?

BlackBerry Dtek50 and Dtek60 smartphones do not have the classic BlackBerry keys. These are characterized are characterized by an excellent attention to detail and security software for data protection.
balckberry dtek50 smartphone  balckberry dtek60 smartphone

Classic BlackBerry smartphones and previous models

For those who want a classic BlackBerry with the keys and the shape of a time you can still find various models. Surely in this case, go to the link below, you will find them on the market.

smartphone  blackberry